Flower Forever 21 Ring

5 years ago

So I got this ring a little over a month ago, and I talked about it in one of my other posts before. But it was not my photo. It was the website`s photo . So here is my picture of it . (: I love big rings, and this has to be one of my favorite ! Its a little bit heavy, so when I wear it it kind of tilts to one side, but it doesn`t sink to that one side . I wear it on my left hand alot just because I write with my right hand and when I wear rings it bothers my writing and fingers, and etc. So that`s why I took a photo of it on my left hand instead of my right . This ring was $5.80 so about $6.00 with tax. A few people say its a little pricey JUST for a ring. But I thought it was worth it. for 6 bucks. I like big flower and bow rings best, I don`t know why. But I just do. I like this ring because I can wear it with just about anything and it doesn`t make it look to classy or too dressy . So I like to wear it with almost anything . But not everything . (:

These photos are mine

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