Floral leggings still hot or not?

5 years ago

Leggings are my sister`s best friend, she likes them because they stretch and are very comfortable.They were so popular last year.I`ve seen many girls wear leggings ,they sometimes look cute and sometimes they look horrible.When they were popular everybody needed a pair.So i bought a pair, at first they felt weird when i had them on.

I felt naked and uncomfortable.After two weeks of wearing them i loved them .When they were used a lot, i didn`t wore them for going out, instead i wore them at home.I looked crazy but good looking =DI `ve only seen 3 girls wear those crazy types of leggings .

Chictopia is were i find my ideas of fashion sometimes i look what famous people wear ,but not much as chictopia .So i saw this picture where a girl is wearing leggings.This is what she is wearing in her outfit.She is wearing a black blazer.blazers are also a good way to make your outfit look more stylish and casual.Me and my sister always need to wear a blazer or at least when we go somewhere nice lol.

Under the blazer she is wearing this black shirt .She didn`t add that many colors to her top because she doesn`t want to add crazy colors.On the bottom she is wearing a colorful floral leggings .For her shoes she is wearing black high heels.I think it looks cute and colorful too.You don`t want to wear colorful shirt and colorful blazers too.

The floral leggings kind of bored me i would of wore a cheetah print or zebra,like the ones that LMFAO wear.Those are what i called leggings .I`ve only owned a pair and i missed them so much.

I also didn`t know that men could wear !that is really strange!would you ever let your boyfriend or husband wear leggings?What do you think of leggings? would you wear them?Do you own any pair?

Source link: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/638708-Dont+go+chasin+waterfalls-floral-missguided-leggings

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