Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues: Album Review

4 years ago


1. Montezuma
Has a nice soul feel about it which I love. Also love the harmonies and voices in the background. Nice song to start off an album. 7/10

2. Bedouin Dress
First thing that I loved was the whole clap rhythm. The song is very well executed. Makes me feel so good. Really like the chorus. 9/10

3. Sim Sala Bim
This is such a nice and simple folk song. The guitar is pure magic. Beautiful! 9/10

4. Battery Kinzie
This song is actually catchy. Again the vocals and the harmonies are the center of the song. I find it so adorable! 8/10

5. The Plains / Bitter Dancer
This track is a slow one but not less incredible. There is barely any lyrics at the beginning just sounds and harmonies which gives it such a nice feeling. But my favorite part is when it gets faster. 7/10

6. Helplessness Blues
FAVORITE SONG!! Its a glorious little song, mainly because it doesnt sound like its trying too hard. I`ve listen to this song for weeks now and I still love it as the first time I heard it. It`s so catchy and amazing! I can`t imagine getting sick of hearing this, especially the chrous. Oh well, it`s perfect to me. 10/10

7. The Cascades
Here we have a little two-minute instrumental piece. Some interesting chord changes make the melody a little jarring at times, but its all pulled off gracefully. Not my favorite because well it doesn`t stay on my head as much. 5/10

8. Lorelai
This song is really sunny! Once again, everything on this song is very pleasant and smooth. I feel like there`s so much instruments going on. 7/10

9. Someone You`d Admire
This song returns to the gorgeous simplicity of the title track. I could listen to this song twenty times in a row. It ends sounding unresolved, which actually makes me want to listen to it again. 9/10

10. The Shrine / An Argument
This is the longest track on the whole album. It`s a mix of dark and light but with a perfect balance. I`m not a big fan of the solo in the end. Other than that is great. 6/10

11. Blue Spotted Tail
An acoustic guitar and lone voice. Its actually a pretty gorgeous little tune. The vocalist - Robin Pecknold is actually a knockout of a singer, and this little number proves it. Fleet Foxes shine brightest when they keep shit simple. Love this! 9/10

12. Grown Ocean
This song sounds just like the whole band sounds. So them! Like most of them songs, it makes me feel so happy and nice like I`m high of happiness or something. 8/10

Average: 8

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