Flawless summer hair - Ombre :)

5 years ago

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It`s crazy how I haven`t been on Luuux in forever but since I saw that Micheal Kors bag, well here I am;) LOL Summer is in less than two months and whose excited?! I know I am! With summer comes summer romances, new trends, make-up, and hairstyles:) Well as a summer trend that I`ve seen recently was the ombre hair. I love how this looks and it`s very edgy and unique. I`ve seen this look everywhere and one of my favorite Youtube gurus actually had this hair ( I think her name is like Zoella and she`s like European or something ). At first I used to think this look was very weird but then it grew on me! I love the effects of the different colored ends and I don`t know...I think it`s very appealing and fits with a bohemian or European style if you know what I mean.
I was actually thinking of coloring my black hair with a very light brown because I think blonde would damage/kill my ends -.- What do you luuuxers think? Should I get this look? I Think I`m too much of chicken to do this but if I get enough likes and support I`ll do it and post pics:) I just want thoughts...do you think I can pull this off?:|

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