Flavrbox october.

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flavrbox october~

before i even start this post I`m going to apologise for the strange tone in the pictures, they were taken at night quickly before someone scoffed down the box!

monthly boxes have been a popular thing for about a year now but have you ever taken a look into monthly boxes of food coming to your door? in all fairness i never looked into food boxes as I`m extremely picky with my food but when flavrbox turned up on the scene i was admittedly interested.

flavrbox hunt out the finest producers of food in the UK and send a selection of them products to your door every month. it is a little more pricey than your average beauty box at £20 per month or £16 if you sign up for a whole year but well worth it!
each month you will get a surprise selection of products straight to your door there is no chance to have a sneaky peek into what your getting but you can pick between the `normal` box and also a vegetarian box which is nice that they thought of everyone!

when my flavrbox arrived i was really excited, maybe a little more excited than i am to receive my beauty boxes as i just love home/hand made products and seeing as i never get to go to a farmers market this is the next best thing for me. this is a rather late post and if you sign up now your box will be sent out on the 26th but i wanted to taste test the products to give you a little review before telling you about the box.

so, what did i get in my box this month?
first you will notice a envelope with a big hello on it, a lovely touch sent to everyone who is receiving there first box. plus a leaflet telling you all about the products, there makers and the story behind them.

the first thing i noticed was a coffee, not just a normal coffee but one from hands on coffee. I`m not a coffee drinker by any means so this one went straight to James who tested it out for me. he said it tasted like normal coffee just better as it had a sweet/nutty taste. i have to say when i smelt it threw the packaging it had a sweet note.

the second thing(s) i pulled out of my box were jackson bars from baileys real food, healthy cereal bars with a yummy twist, in my box i received four that were the naughty jackson bar, nutty jackson bar, lovers jackson bar and the hot and spice jackson bar. I`m not a lover of cereal bars so i passed three of them onto James and kept the hot and spice bar as i just love anything spicy! James said his bars were `okay` but nothing to special but on the other hand i really liked mine and i would buy some more!

the next thing i received in my box was from a company called bendy legs, a packet of the original bendy legs granola. again not to much of a fan but i did give this ago! and i have to say its not too bad paired with some milk and a little hint of sugar on the top. something that is good for a quick healthy breakfast but not something I`m sure i would buy.

the next thing i picked out of my box was some chocolate bars! i was really excited to see some chocolate bars even though I`m not a big lover of chocolate (surprise!) Mr popple`s chocolate is made from raw cacao, i got the flavours mint + lime and euphoric orange. i think the mint one was my favourite as it tasted like after eights to me but on the other hand the orange one was really good too as it smelt and tasted like jaffa cakes! maybe I`m just strange and like my chocolate to taste like different things. the only thing I`m not a fan of is the texture its a little gritty and strange to me as I`m used to the smooth feel of milk chocolate but its something i can get over and wouldn`t put me off buying it!

the last product and the most exciting is the chili bacon jam from eat 17, i know chili bacon jam right? something you would never think to put together. eat 17 combined there homemade onion jam with smokey bacon to create the delicious taste of chili bacon jam! i honestly have to say i love this product, it puts together two of my favourite things bacon and chili! its not to hot that you wouldn`t be able to eat allot of it but its just enough to give you a little kick.

so that`s my flavr box for this month! i for £20 per month i would definitely recommend you check it out even just for one box and maybe you will fall in love too!

*all pictures are mine, do not take*

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