Flavourful Fruit Salad

4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers

Dont you just love summer and fruit salad well heres one that I made and it tasted so good so Im going to tell you how to make it and you may been thinking shes so stupid of course i know how to make some fruit salad all you do is cut things up and mix them together well your wrong because my fruit salad is so different well not really but yeah so I hope you like it.

You will need:
- Strawberries
- Melon
- kiwi
- Apple
- Orange Juice
- Lemon
- Apple flavour drink (I used apple Lucozade)

- First you want to chop up all your fruit and you need so for example if youre making it for 10 people you going to need a lot of fruit.
- Mix all the fruit and add about a 2 tablespoon of lemon juice just for a bit of flavour and smells dont add too much or else it will over power everything else.
- Now just add some orange juice and mix.
- Now add some of you apple drink or your apple Lucozade it sounds weird but it really adds a lot of flavour.
- Lastly just leave in the fridge for a few hours and this will make a really nice juice which you can use as a drink you could also put the in a popsicle mould and add some more juice and have a nice cool treat for those hot days.

Thank you for reading
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