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When I was a kid I hated drinking plain water, and since then nothing has changed. I still go on the hunt for flavored waters that have no additives....And I found one...
This flavored water is made by Gold Emblem and the thing I love about this company is they are available in our local drug stores and supermarkets. You no longer have to go to the expensive health food stores and pay a lot of money to find the healthier version of your favorite foods. For example, I love soda and I know it`s bad for me, so this is a great substitute as I get the flavor of a soda or should I say the illusion of a soda, as well as the water I need.
Amt Per Serving. % Daily Value
1. Calories 0g. 0%
2. Total Fat 0g. 0%
3. Saturated Fat 0g 0%
4. Sodium 5mg. 0%
5 Total Carb 0g. 0%
6. Sugars 0g. 0%
7. Protein 0g. 0%
Carbonated Water- club soda
Citric Acid- A natural preservative used to add acidic taste
Potassium Citrate- this is used to regulate the carbonated water, it is also used to control and prevent kidney stones.
Aspartame -Sugar substitute
Malic Acid-organic compound found in fruits like apple.

The point of the above breakdown is because most people hear all these chemical words and they have no idea what they are. We know not all things are bad and if we knew exactly what those words actually mean then we would have a better understanding of what we are buying...right?
In addition, to it awesome taste and variety of flavors...this is really not that expensive. For 1 liter it`s $3.75.
Try your flavor....
Have you tried this brand?

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