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5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers,
Before i start, always remember that your abdominal muscles support your body, so having a strong core is very important.

Foods to avoid (inorder to attain flat abs):

*--Avoid salt (simply avoid the salt shaker)
*--Avoid excess carbs (eating too many bagels will store excess carbs in the body)
*--Avoid raw bulky foods (like carrots) try and eat more cooked veggies instead
*--Avoid gums (chewing gums)
*--Avoid candy, cookies and energy bars...they pack too much sugar in those.
*--Avoid french fries (fried foods digest slowly-its best to find an alternate food you can eat in place of french fries)
*--Avoid Soda drinks

These are some few tips to keep you on the right track to getting the perfect abs. Combine these tips with a simple daily 15-minute workout for the abs (eg. Sit-ups) and you should start seeing positive results in about a month.

I hope this helps.

(P.S. I personally workout 3x everyday for 5yrs now and these are some of the tips given to me by my trainer from a while back)


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