Fix Small Makeup Mistakes with Moisturizer and Q-Tips!!

One of the biggest and best tips I got from a friend of mine on makeup is how to fix small makeup mistakes using just moisturizer and q-tips! Before, when I made a mistake with my liner, I`d try to wipe it away by wetting my finger but it`d always smear and I`d inevitably end up messing everything up and having to wash my whole eye makeup off. But with a q-tip and some moisturizer, fixing small mistakes and cleaning up my lines are EXTRA EASY.

The steps for doing this are also really simple.
1. Get a q-tip and dip it into your moisturizer or squirt little moisturizer onto it.
2. Rub the end of the q-tip against your hand so that the q-tip absorbs the moisturizer. Do this thoroughly otherwise leftover moisturizer clumps could get stuck in your eyelashes or too much moisturize could fall onto your skin and mess up your makeup.
3. Using the q-tip, carefully rub the moisturizer onto the section where you would like to get rid of the makeup or clean up the lines. The moisturizer should rub the liner away really easily.
4. Let dry for a minute and continue finishing up your makeup.

The q-tip works great because it gives you really good control of what you`re getting rid of/where the moisturizer works. It`s really a perfect way of clearing up mistakes or cleaning up lines around your eyes. Glad I found this tip because it saves a lot of time and effort! :)

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