Fix Broken Powdered Makeup!

4 years ago

This has all happened to us in our makeup years at least once! When your powdered makeup breaks into crumbs and creates a big mess, but don`t throw that product out, there is a way to fix it and not waste your money!

What you need:
Rubbing Alcohol
Saran Wrap

What to do:
Take your saran wrap and cover the broken makeup, and then mash it up so it is all evenly crushed. Then take a few drops of rubbing alcohol and let it soak in. Then take your spoon and smooth out the product, Let dry for a day! All done!

It works like it never even happened! I wish I would have heard about this months ago, when I broken a powder and just threw it out:( So i recommend you do this and save that makeup!

You can do this on eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, any "solid" piece of makeup.

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