Five Steps for Thrifting

Ahh, shopping. The sound of cash registers, the feel of the shopping bag handle in your hand, the joy of cutting the price tag off, who does not enjoy shopping?! Stepping foot into a store chain or shopping online, we are often faced with the same downfall. seeing someone in the same shirt or deciding if you want to purchase those super cute color block neon heels from Neimans because your BFF has them! Oh, the struggle of being a fashionista.
However if you long for individuality, like to shop within a budget, or simply cant find something in stores because its last season, why not go thrifting! Once you get over the initial thought of wearing someones old clothes, you just might fall in love with it!
Here are 5 steps to ensuring your first thrifting experience, successful, rewarding, and chic.

Know what youre looking for.
Before you venture to your local thrift store, know what you want or at least an idea. Whether youre looking for high wasted mom jeans for a retro look, a leather vest you can stud and make your own DIIY project out of, or a simple black dress to add to your wardrobe, be certain of the end result. Knowing what you want is a sure way to avoid buying things you do not need and will probably never wear. You must remain practical even if the piece you are looking for is not!

Head straight for that section.
Thrift stores are more often than not, filled with junk. Trinkets and clothes that someone somewhere have deemed unworthy of their attention. If you know what you want, go straight to the section where you can find it. Looking for a pair of pale pink jeans to fit the pastel trend for this spring, focus in on the jeans section and dont stop looking until you find your must have item. Once you have found the things you are looking for, feel free to browse through other areas of the store.

Daily deals.
One good thing about shopping at a thrift store is that not only will you find unique pieces, but everything is extremely cheap! How amazing is it not only finding the sequin top you have been dreaming of adding to your wardrobe only costing $3?! What is a better feeling than that- a deal! Some thrift stores have weekly sales in which certain ticketed items are priced lower! The thrift store I shop at almost weekly prices everything half priced on Mondays! Needless to say, I indulge in retail therapy on Mondays.

Tailoring & Cleaning.
Clothes that are at thrift stores are more times than not donated. The pieces come from all types of people from the surrounding areas who all practice different hygiene. Before you step into those high waisted leather shorts, get them dry cleaned and tailored if needed. Besides any lingering germs, il fitting waist lines, the dry cleaner gets rid of the distinct smell that most vintage clothing carries, a smell similar to old books!

Ways to wear
When I look for pieces to add to my wardrobe, I typically think of ways to wear an item. For example, I want a coral colored blazer in preparation for spring. I initially thought I would wear the bright blazer to work, but after a trip to Los Angeles, I realized I could pair the blazer with a pair of shorts and a cute flowy top for a more casual look. Or over a white form fitting cocktail dress, or with jeans, or cinched in at the waist to break up my body proportions. The options are endless. Play around with your new wardrobe addition and think outside of the closet!

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