Five simple halloween TREATSS.

so i know halloween isn`t for like a month, but i thought these were so cute, & if you`re having a party or something, it never hurts to start planning early!

O1. Rolo owls. (:
- i love theesee ! okay, you just need some sort of small, plastic bag. check any craft store, i`m sure they`ll have them !

- there`s probably some sort of kit to make owl faces, but you certainly don`t need it ! get some brown foam . on one sheet take a black sharpie & draw the owl head shape the best you can, cut it out, & now use as a guide to make the rest. (:

- just get some gray, white, black, & orange paper, & start cutting the shapes you need to put that together.

- fill the bags with rolos, stape shut. now glue your owl to the front, ta-daaa ! these are adoreable.

- you can fill with other candies, obviiii.

O2. scarecrow cupcakee (:
- find a simple recipe for white cupcakes. if you guys want, i can find some yummy ones & post them, but that`s for another tip(:

- make the cupcakes & frost with light orange icing. (you can make by mixing a drop of red, three drops of yellow & white icing)

- use apple sour straws cut at diffeent lengths to create the hair.

- use to gree jelly beans, with a dot of purple icing for the eyes.

- candy corn nose :^)

- pipe on the black mouth.

- when plating, stick a ice cream come on top, (:

- simple !

O3. mummy juice boxes.
- all you have to do is get some juice boxes & wrap with something whitee. (:

- i think that medical tape stuff would work really well!

-use a sharpie to draw the mouth & eyes (:

O4. chocolate pretzels.
- melt some white chocolate chips (there should be melting recipes on the package) & dip pretzel rod about half way.

- use dots of black icing to create the little facees (:

O5. chocolate banana ghosts (:
- cut bananas in half & put a popsicle stick in the flat end .

- again, just melt some white chocolate, & dip the banana in.

- put in freezer until the chocolate is hardened.

- black icing eyes & mouth (:

there you have 5 SUPER SIMPLE halloween treats (:

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