Five Cheese Tortelloni

4 years ago

Over the weekend while doing my grocery shopping I was about to check out when I saw a freezer with manager special frozen lunch entrees. They were a very, very good bargain and though I don`t really like getting prepackaged/prepared foods the price was low enough that I decided to try a few. I don`t like food like this, though, because I can`t control the quality and amount of ingredients inside and being a stay at home mom I firmly believe there is no excuse to not prepare my own meals.That is why you will very rarely see me post about foods that I didn`t prepare myself. My curiosity got the most of me though, and I picked up three to try.

All of them are Stouffers brand but the particular meal here is five cheese tortelloni. The little description on it says it is tortelloni pasta stuffed with a blend of five cheeses and tossed with yellow carrots, peas, and zucchini in a creamy tomato vodka sauce.

This is a very quick and convenient lunch and I think it would be good for someone to take with them to work. You leave everything in the bag and toss it into the microwave. You don`t have to puncture the bag or cut anything before cooking. Just toss in. Depending on the wattage of the microwave, there are different cooking times. I cooked mine for about 5.5 minutes (though my wattage was higher than the two they list). When done you then cut it open and pour it into a bowl/plate.

This is supposed to be one serving, which is quite a large helping if you ask me. Both me and my son shared this and it was enough for the two of us. I guess we are small portion eaters, though.

The taste wasn`t bad at all. It is significantly better than some other frozen meals. I`m not interested enough to repurchase it, though. I know I could have prepared this myself and been happier with the end results. BUT, again.. I do think this is a better option for someone who has to work and would like a better tasting lunch compared to most others out there on the market.


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