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Yesterday, my day started off in very unfortunate way. Let`s just say I ended up spending a good portion of the day cleaning my bathroom. I actually had to go to Target, because I was in dire need of mopping supplies. (I didn`t have a mop, because I previously only used a Swiffer, but yesterday I needed something that`s better at absorbing moisture.)

At least it gave me an excuse to go to the mall. I decided to take the opportunity for some retail therapy =]. I haven`t been in a Forever21 in quite some time. I`ve been pretty unhappy with their return policy, (They only allow exchanges or store credit within 21 days of purchase date.) thus I haven`t shopped there lately.
Shopping early in the morning is wonderful, because there are very few people and the stores are usually still tidy. Also, I was able to use my store credit, which has been burning a hole in my wallet for months.

Striped Tank Dress ($7.80?)
With a lot of tank dresses, I feel the same towards this one. I wish the arm holes were smaller!
The length is okay. It`s fitted without being skintight, in my opinion. I would have bought this, if I didn`t already have the white/navy blue dress from H&M ($12.95). Although, I like that this one has the darker color in bolder stripes and the white is in skinny stripes, which is the reverse with the H&M version.

Padded Athletic Racerback Tank ($12.80)
I should have taken a picture of the back, because that`s the part that`s cute. It goes into a V. But I forgot.
I`ve been wanting a workout tank top with a built-in bra and smooth nylon-y material. This tank has a built-in bra, which is expected of all activewear tank tops. Thought it says `padded,` it is definitely not a push-up. There is just enough of thin, removable padding to create some shape and help with nipple coverage. I almost purchased this, but I thought $12.80 for a tank top at F21 was too expensive. That`s not really a good way to think about it, because a workout tank top anywhere else would cost more (depending on the material and the brand) and I might not even like it as much.
The real deal-breaker here was the fact that it had a stain on the only one that was in my size. Hardly notice-able, right underneath the bust. I only noticed it after I put it on. It looked like someone had rubbed their face makeup off onto the tank.

Denim Button Down Top ($19.80), sz. S
It is kind of big = I`m not sure if this is the same item, but here is the link.
I`ve been wanting a denim or chambray type of shirt for a while. I wanted it to be somewhat fitted, not too stiff, and inexpensive, considering denim is not expensive and a denim shirt is sure to be thinner than jacket, which can also be quite inexpensive. This one was too big for me, but practically all button-down shirts I find look a little baggy on me. I figured I could work with it, so I did purchase this.

Later on, I did end up finding another denim shirt at H&M. This one fit me great, so I couldn`t pass it up.

H&M denim shirt ($19.95)
I wish I had ventured inside H&M first instead of F21. I like the fit of this one much better!
Now that I ended up with two, I`m wondering if I should take the F21 denim shirt back, even though they`ll only give me store credit for it. Or keep it? since the fit is very different and the colors are definitely different shades of denim.

I don`t know, but I think I`ll do an outfit post with the H&M version soon.

Comic Art Graphic Tank
After I checked out, I saw this graphic art tank top. I thought it was very interesting. The little faded dots all over it give it that pixelated look that`s on most comic type of clothing. I didn`t purchase it, but I definitely thought it was cool. I forgot to check the price, but knowing F21, it must be inexpensive.

I also got a tank top, which is too boring to show, as well as a sports bra, which I don`t plan to show for obvious reasons. =]

Oh! and I think you`ll be proud to hear that I did not stop by the cosmetics section in Target, lol.

Have a great day!

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