Fitness Update - I Suffer From Gluttony

4 years ago

Honestly I love food and lately I have been suffering from gluttony and have been exceeding my necessary food requirements and you know what? I blame work because one of our employees brings in baked goods such as cookies, cinnamon buns, danishes, and chocolate croissants every week. They just sit in the lunch room and eyeball me while I eyeball them. Like who`s going to give in first huh? Am I going to spoil before you can eat me or will you eat me right now? Guess what? It`s been the latter and I have paid for it. If you eat a cookie or two every day for a solid 2 weeks all of that butter and sugar in them will show.

I have been walking 15 minutes Monday through Fridays for the past month as it has warmed up and also tried to do my 300 rep workouts with works outs I mentioned in my previous sports posts. Unfortunately slacked off the past 3 weeks and only did those twice a week along with 15 minute walks 5 times a week. But this week I got back onto track. I walked 5 times a week and have done my 300 rep work outs for 5 days as well. I also run once a week for about an hour which is usually on Saturday or Sunday when I have more free time. I don`t have time to train for marathons at the moment since I`ve been terribly busy with work and some tmes unfortunately my lap top gets chained to me and I end up bringing it home after work. Which is a shame so I probably will not be doing the Sea Wheeze in Vancouver but will be cheering my man on in it.

When I gain weight it immediately packs on in the thighs and the waist. Unfortunately for me it isn`t the breast and butt area :( What a same. The strangest thing is when my core, thighs, and waist gain my arms still look super strong haha. Life is so unfair. But my pants feel less tight today compared to the beginning of the week lol.

When you gain weight where do you usually notice it first?
Have you been suffering from gluttony like me?
It`s okay we can be eating buddies but only on the weekends because I am going to eat lunch in my office and not stare at those evil evil baked goods.

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