Fishtail Braid

4 years ago

I`ve finally tried out the fishtail braid yesterday. It`s a bit messy since I have layers and I don`t like using hair wax/gel. I`ve been growing my hair out since Jan 30, 2011. I`ve gained 8 inches so far so it`s been growing at an average rate. I can`t wait till my hair is down to my waist again.

I think I`m going to cut my bangs soon. As you can see in the pic, I grew them out really long because the last time I had cut my bangs, I messed up big time. I could go to the hair salon to prevent the next screw up but I`ve had bad experiences before. I came to get my hair cut not have some despicable folks talk crap about me. They don`t even know one thing about me. All I said to them was "Hi", show them a picture of the hairstyle that I want and discuss how I want my hair to be yet they think they know my whole life story. Nothing bothers me more than gossipers that likes to assume things about someone they don`t even know. If it weren`t for Jesus, I would`ve snapped. But I chose to be the better person and walked away since there`s a God and there`s karma.

I`m not showing my face because I`ve had a stalker before. Once you`ve been through something horrible like that, you would take precautions too. And for those who might be wondering, I`m wearing a Kirby t-shirt that I got on and the earrings are from Unfortunately, both are no longer in stock. :(

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