Fishtail Braid!

4 years ago

Hey everyone!

I finally learned how to do the fishtail braid. The braid started trending a couple months ago it seemed like everyone was doing it. But I for one am not that great when it comes to braiding hair. I can do a regular braid and thats about it. I`ve been trying to learn to french braid but I havent got it down pat yet.

Anyways I decided I was going to learn to fishtail because everyone said its pretty simply. Which I have to agree it is pretty simply when you get the hang out it. I watched a few youtube videos on how to fishtail braid, I knew how to do it. But when it came to actually trying it out it was hard for me to do it when it came to crossing the hair over piece by piece. Then I came across this one video from a girl who helped me cross the hair over much easier. There`s the link if you want to watch, it was a big help to me.

Do you like the fishtail braid?
Have you ever done it?

Picture is mine! Don`t steal!


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