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4 years ago

I am quite happy to say that I received my very
first Luuux Prize; Tall Chestnut UGGs! When I first started Luuuxing, I was sceptical that I would receive anything, since the thought of blogging and getting rewarded prizes was too good to be true. I did think Luuux was a gimmick, but I am happy to say that it sure is not one! You can now officially add me to the list of Luuuxers who successfully received their prizes! So for those who are still iffy about Luuux, please let me be an example that
Luuux is not a scam! Here is how the order worked out:
Order created: 5/24/2012
Order processed: 5/29/2012
Order completed: 6/25/2012
Prize received: 10/7/2012 Unfortunately the shipping process did take a lot longer than I thought. On my receipt (from the company), it said that it was shipped out on 6/25/2012?! I really wonder how it took 3.5 months for it to be shipped from the US to Canada? If it were being shipped from Europe, then I would understand. But from the US, that is quite strangebut nonetheless, I am extremely happy to receive them! These are
my first pair of UGGs! Mainly the reason why is because in Canada, at least where I live, a pair of Tall UGGs cost $285 without taxes! They are way overpriced compared to the US, and I personally dont think it would be worth it. And as a University student, I just dont have that much free spending money lying around. But otherwise, I am
happy to have gotten them through the help of Luuux! I have noticed that the boots are
now $1800 Luuux $ more than what I got them for. These are a great addition since
where I live in Canada; it snows for about 5 months or more! So it would be lovely to have warm feet during the long brutal winter months. I am glad to have received them before the huge winter storms! But sadly, last week there was a light snowfall, but has cleared up now. As for first impressions, I am pleased to have received real UGGs, since I have seen posts about some Luuuxers receiving fake UGGs! I am glad to have not gotten fake ones, or I would be unhappy about going through another long wait of getting real ones. I decided to order a size 5 since it was recommended to downsize since real UGGs do stretch. I chose the Chestnut UGGs since I believe they would go well with everything. Tall over the Short ones because the snow is so deep here ha. I do like the fact that real UGGs send you a letter of how to authenticate your UGGs; if the special label changes colours that can be found on the box and inside the boots. As for fit, they do fit a bit snug, but will eventually stretch out. The inside is so soft and
I love how they are super warm! I literally cant wait to wear these all winter long! Now onto outfits, I do believe that UGGs go well with mostly everything. I could see myself pairing them with a casual shirt and jeans, or leggings and a comfy sweater. They could also maybe look cute with tights and a dress. The options really are endless, but it really depends on what you pair them with. The only thing I
dislike about them would be the fact that,
once they become worn down, they turn into elephant feet! See the video attached! I literally
see elephant feet all over campus during the winter! But I guess comfort > than looks ha. As for thank yous, I would like to thank /member/aLeung for helping me with all of my questions and problems. She was
very patient and helpful with all of my concerns; such a doll! If you have a chance,
check out her page, she has great posts! I would also like to
thank the moderator who audited my posts! Whoever you are, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to go through all of my posts, and checking to see if I needed to fix them; luckily I didnt! I didnt lose any Luuux $! I would also like to thank Ana; she works for Luuux and was nice to ask me for my size and colour! Lastly I would like to thank all of you Luuuxers who follow, comment or rate my posts. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and really helps me continue blogging! I have met so many wonderful people here! P.S. What I have learned since December 2011 (when I first started) is that Luuux is not mainly about the reward;
it is about having fun while you blog. If you are only focused about getting rewards, you wont enjoy writing posts, you wont enjoy the full potential of what Luuux has to offer. So for those who are only focused on getting the prize, word of advice, relax and start living; enjoy the real meaning behind the Luuux community! Honestly I can tell you that
I love sharing my thoughts about products that I have tried, and I love reading and learning about other peoples experiences.
What prize are you saving up for?

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