First Time Walmart Haul

4 years ago

I went to Walmart today. Why is this somewhat special? Theres no Walmart in NYC, so I have to go to one upstate which about 3+ hours away from where I live, to the magical land of Whiteplains.

What did I manage to fish up? 15 shower caps for a dollar and change, conditioner about a dollar less than it normally is at Target (and Targets already cheap), dollar whiteout, 2 of those Montagne Jeunesse facemasks everyones been raving about on Luuux (had to do it), a Hard Candy eyeliner (green), an Aveeno face moisturizer, oh and a Fathers Day card. I am the master.
Actually, no there were tons of other things I wanted, but ditched because certain items have virtually non-existent price differences.

Wait, I forgot to mention the cutest part of this purchase! My new mini cactus, it has a pink flower growing, so beautiful.

What beauty or health items can you get the best deal on at Walmart?

This was my first time buying anything from Walmart, so please don`t leave me hanging, share!

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