First time trying Unreal Candy!

4 years ago

Hey guys!!!!
I`ve seen lots of people here on Luuux mention these Unreal candies and i was curious to know what the rave was about!!! I`ve been keeping an eye out for these in store & in the only place i found them was at Target!! They have a good variety of these and i only picked up 2 just in case i didnt like the brand or the candy. I love the packaging. They were each under $1 which was great! I was also reading that their chocolates have: no artificials, no hydrogenateds, no corn syrup, no preservatives, & no GMOs.. Which is unheard of in sweets! The first i picked up was the Unreal8: chocolate, caramel, peanut & nougat bar. I believe its sort of like a Snickers. I really liked this one! it had chunks of peanuts, it was tasty and good competition to the snickers!! The other one i tried was Unreal77: peanut butter cups. These would be compared to Reese cups, I thought one could never go wrong with pb cups but this i was not a fan of. The peanut butter had a coffee taste that i did not like, the chocolate was okay. I wouldnt repurchase that one. I dont mind things tasting like coffee but this just didnt work for me. Next time im thinking to try the ones that are m&ms since i loveeee m&ms!!

-Who has tried Unreal candies? Thoughts? Favorites?

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!!!

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