First time making pasta!

4 years ago

i`m learning to cook and experimenting with a lot of recipes since next year i`ll be living on my own with only a little meal plan and mostly preparing meals for myself. (i`ll probably still end up getting lazy and eating out a lot. who wants to cook after a long day of classes???)

this is the pasta dish i prepared for dinner. i used whole grain linguine. just cooking the pasta was a little iffy LOL i know that a lot of people know how to cook pasta by the time they`re my age but i`ve been spoiled my whole life by my parents, what can i say! i wanted to get it al dente but i think i was a minute short of al dente HAHA... ooooops, lesson learned for next time! i actually cooked the linguine in a wok with way less water than recommended and nothing happened. they didn`t stick together and in the end the only thing that went wrong was i should`ve let it cook for a little more. i don`t know why some people are so particular with how to cook pasta! it`s really not that hard. anyways...

i used a boneless skinless chicken breast from costco. it was frozen but i thawed it and then i cooked it in a skillet (or frying pan. i don`t really know what different pots and pans are LOL) and i added some salt and pepper and this seasoning that my mom has (lawry`s mediterannean sun dried tomato & garlic herb). omg that seasoning made all the difference! the only reason i used the seasoning instead of fresh garlic and onions and stuff was because i didn`t have any of that stuff in my fridge. i`ve just come to realize that my parents do not well stock the fridge with basic ingredients and we don`t have a spice rack -_-

i ended up making the most of what we did have and i had gone out to the store to pick up a few things beforehand. one of the things i had gotten at the store was heavy cream. i mixed that with some butter and parmesan cheese (which i also bought at the store right before) and added some of the lawry`s seasoning, which made the sauce very flavorful!

then i just combined the three. i was actually quite surprised at how good my pasta was! okay... maybe it wasn`t really *that* good and i`m just trying to make myself feel better... but i honestly think it was quite tasty! i had some leftovers since i overestimated how much pasta i could eat, so i`m going to reheat and finish the pasta tomorrow.

overall, i think it was quite a successful foray into cooking for myself and i can`t wait to experiment more :)

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