First time making french toast!

4 years ago

this morning, since it is a sunday and all, i decided to try and make myself something other than cereal for breakfast lol

i`ve had my eye on a french toast recipe from for quite a while now, and i decided today would be a good day to try it out. i actually had no idea for the longest time that french toast was as easy as toast dipped in egg -_- i actually found out this little gem of wisdom when watching a chopped marathon one night HAHA

i didn`t have any bread other than some orowheat wheat toast. i know i`m supposed to use a thicker bread but i had to use what i had.

i actually only aimed to prepare 4 servings and freeze two pieces of toast for breakfast tomorrow since i`ll be working tomorrow morning. i divided the recipe by 3 so i could prepare 4 slices; the original recipe yields 12 servings. however, when i had dipped my toast in the mixture, i only ended up being able to coat 3 slices of toast. the third slice was actually not fully soaked :/

i still prepared the three slices of toast though. i ended up eating fresh the one that wasn`t fully soaked. i froze the other two for tomorrow.

i ate my slice with low calorie syrup. it was actually really filling even though it was just a slice of french toast and a little bit of syrup. (i don`t like to use a lot of syrup in any case.) i made it around 9:30 in the morning and i wasn`t hungry until almost 2 in the afternoon.

have you ever made french toast?

*photo is my own, recipe is from source link

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