First time making crepes!

4 years ago

i made crepes for the first time recently. it`s so simple and only involves a few ingredients that most people have in their pantries already. i was only looking to make one or two at most, and a lot of recipes yielded at least 5 or something, so i was really ecstatic when i stumbled upon this recipe from for a single crepe! the link to the recipe is in the source link below.

i followed the recipe. the only thing to be weary of is when you mix in the flour. it`s really easy to get lumps of flour if you simply mix the dry and wet ingredients together. i learned that the hard way! it took me waaaay longer to make the batter because i had to get all the lumps out.

i tried to get the crepes as thin as i possibly could but i ended up making them too thin. you can see in the photo above they cracked around the edges :/ next time, i`m going to pour the batter in and let it disperse on its own instead of trying to get it even thinner.

i added nutella, fresh strawberries, and sliced almonds to my crepe. it was really yummy! a little *too* crisp for my taste with the almonds and the crispy edges, but i learned my lesson for next time!

have you made crepes before?

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