First time making a smoothie

5 years ago

Yes that`s right, It`s my first time! I`ve always wanted to make one but the thought of having to go out and buy the ingredients just doesn`t attract me. Well today I was just totally feeling it and I remember watching Bubzbeauty`s videa not long ago where she showed herself making one so I, it looked yummy. Besides, I`m getting ill again. It`s about time I put some fruit into my system.

Usually I`d go out and buy one but not at this time of the night and the closest smoothie bare that used to be next to me closed down.

What I used:
5-6 strawberries cut
1 banana cut
Orange juice (Preferably fresh but I used already made ones)
Bio yoghurt

I shoved them in a blender with half a cup of orange juice all except the yoghurt which I added after. It came out a bit watery because I didn`t do it properly. I added too much orange juice and not enough yoghurt, my sister said it should have been half a cup of bio yoghurt instead? Well it turned out drinkable.

I`m drinking this as I type this, I`ve accidently made a serving for two and I`ve already drank more than half of it already. It`s almost 1am and I made this at midnight. Yes, I admit I`m a bit crazy using the blender at this time of the night, but luckily everyones not asleep yet :) (No idea why I`m up anyway, I have work at 9am) The noise was too muh for my ears so I literally blended for 5 seconds, put it on the smoothie button for another 5 and poured it out.

Have you guys tried making any smoothies? Which one`s your favourite?

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