First time at Rainforest Cafe

4 years ago

my sister had a coupon for a free kids meal at rainforest cafe for her perfect attendance at school this year, so my mom and i decided to go there for dinner tonight.

okay... so i knew the food there was expensive, but i didn`t expect it to be as expensive as it was. i mean my sister`s kids meal was $5.99 but the adult entrees we ordered were $15 and $23 respectively -_- before i even talk about the food, had to put that out there... had i known the prices were going to be so high, to hell with the coupon! we could`ve gone anywhere else and paid the price for the kids meal and still had a cheaper bill.

my sister ordered the cheeseburger kids meal. i think it was called the rainforest rascals or something alliterative like that. i didn`t get a photo of this but the meal actually came with two decently sized mini cheeseburgers. it was also served with a choice of side; my sister chose fries. she didn`t get a lot of fries but i`m actually glad her burgers were bigger and the side of fries was smaller. fries aren`t good for you!

my mom and i ordered the macadamia nut tilapia ($23) and (insert witty name that i forgot) chinese chicken salad ($15) to share. my mom really likes "asian" salads even though she`s about as chinese as you get and she knows that those salads don`t have any "asian" flavors to them. she still likes them though... go figure! haha

okay... so as turned off as i was by the prices, i must admit that the servings were HUGE. holy crap. i didn`t expect that much food. i felt stuffed and i only ate half the tilapia dish and the smallest bit of the salad. my mom mostly ate the salad but she ate the other half of my fish that i couldn`t finish. i finished off the roasted veggies that were served with the fish. the fish also came with 4 coconut shrimp. i had 2, and my mom and sister each had 1. they were good though they were quite small.

i really liked the tilapia. there wasn`t a fishy taste to it and the macadamia nut really added a nice dimension of flavor. it was also served with a sauce that was yummy.

my mom was in awe of the salad the whole time. she swears it`s the best thing ever. i didn`t want to remind her it was $15 though LOL but the thing is even after both of us ate as much as we could, we still had half the salad left. we finished off the fish first because we figured that wouldn`t reheat as well if we had leftovers. we took home the leftover salad and i`m pretty sure at least one of us (if not both of us) can make a meal out of it.

our whole bill, including tax and tip and minus my sister`s coupon, came out to $47. the food was good but not THAT good. the ambiance was okay but not THAT great. (thunderstorms every half hour and fake gorillas coming to life every 10 minutes? ehhhh)

we probably will not be coming back but at least we experienced it once!

have you ever been to rainforest cafe?

(PERSONAL NOTE: if anyone has any questions as to why i`m eating out for almost every meal of everyday, my dad flew out to china for a 2 1/2 week vacation with his side of the family because his dad/my grandfather is turning 80. we decided to have him go alone instead of all of us tagging along because airfare is expensive and since he`s having his vacation half a world away, we`re having ours by relaxing and getting in some good eats!)

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