First time at FIVE GUYS!

4 years ago

I will admit, I have seen and heard about Five Guys SO much since being on LUUUX and I thought it`d be one of those places I`d never see unless I went to California. Low-and-behold I was wrong! I spotted my first Five Guys two months ago on the way to my brothers new house but since my boyfriend and I had already eaten I couldn`t find a reason for us to stop in hah. Then earlier in the month, while driving around, I spotted a Five Guys super close to my work. Last week sometime my boyfriend dropped me off at work and after picking me up, I asked him if he wanted to hang around town since traffic was a nightmare (there was a gigantic accident that had the highway just about shut down). So we went to a few stores, I poked around Nordstrom Rack and upon leaving I asked if he`d like dinner at Five Guys OR Chick-Fil-A. We decided on Five Guys! When we walked in, their menu was up in front of you to view and I was like ... okay, not a whole lot of choices. It`s a simple hamburger joint, that also sells hot dogs, french fries and a veggie sandwich. When we got to the counter, I asked the difference between the two burgers and when finding out the larger burger had 2 patties on it, I went with the "Little Hamburger". It was probably one of the unhealthiest hamburgers I`ve had in a while but it was soooooooo yummy! We also got some Cajun fries to share -- we got the smallest size they sold, a regular, and it was GIGANTIC -- like there were so many fries they were piled all in the large brown bag we were given. The fries are spicy and they definitely needed salt, so we added that to them, but they were so good. Definitely a place we will be revisiting at some point.

<strong>Here`s what we ordered:</strong>
Mine: Little Hamburger with tomato, lettuce, onion, mustard, green peppers, pickles, jalapenos <em><strong>(NOTE TO SELF: Do not EVER order jalapenos on a burger at Five Guys again! OW!!</em></strong>, cooked onion & mushrooms on the side.
BFs: Little Bacon Burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mustard.`
Regular Cajun fries

Have you ever eaten at Five Guys?
How do you like your burger?

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