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FIRST TIME AT BUBBA GUMP While I was in LA recently, we stayed at a hotel that was right by Bubba Gump. And so for our last dinner we decided to go there. Which I was excited to go to because!... well Ive heard tons about the place but never got to experience it on my own. I dont know if I would say that they have the best food but the experience was super fun. There were some interesting points about the place that I noticed: 1) The run Forrest run and stop Forrest stop signs. You use those signs to co-ordinate with the waiter/waitress. You use it accordingly to what you would like them to do. 2) I love how friendly all the staff is! Like most restaurant, all the servers has their own sections that they stick too. BUT what I noticed at Bubba Gump is that everyone helps each other out and theyre not all snooty and let me get your server types. 3) The Forrest Gump trivia! We were really bad at it but it was fun to do. Our waitress kept giving us clues, like really obvious ones. Thats the only way we managed to get through it. Here is what I ordered: 1) Shrimpers Net Catch a full pound of it. It was quite tasty but sad for them I had crawfish a week before and really liked it. So in comparison, I much rather eat crawfish over shrimp. 2) Shrimpers Heaven it has Coconut Shrimp, Chilly Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, and Tempura Shrimp. This was my boyfriends choice. Too much fried food for my liking but this isnt an official complaint. Its just we were eating fried food the whole time we were there so by the end I was getting sick of it. 3) Old Fashioned New England Clam Chowder this was all for me. I needed something that was friend. I quite liked it especially the oyster crackers. 4) And lastly, I ordered an alcoholic drink that I cant remember what its called. BUT it came in a glowing cup that I got to keep. Overall, I enjoyed the experience more than the actual food. Id definitely go back, but before I do, Id watch Forrest Gump again. *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

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