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4 years ago

Hello my dear beauty addicts! I`ve been really looking forward to making this review because I am going to tell you guys about some beauty items that have been my favorites in the past weeks. I`ve heard so much about Asian beauty items in the past year and I was so curious about it. And, I admit it I am also kind of jealous on how pretty Asian ladies look so I was eager to find their secrets. This is what I got ^^ *Drum rolls* 1. Lioele triple the solution BB cream My first BB cream!!! yeey! I know, I know I am so far behind with the beauty news...oh well....but I`m so excited about this. It`s the only bb cream I tried so I can`t compare it with anything else Pros: - from the experience I had with it the coverage is really good, almost like foundation. I had some really bad zits on my face last week so I also used a bit of concealer on top but still, I love the coverage. - my skin was mate all day long and it didn`t look like I had too much makeup on. Cons: - the color has a pink undertone to it and it`s kind of pale, especially in the first 10-20 min. Then it tends to get darker as it oxidizes ...but it`s still kind of pale. (but I can work with it anyways) 2. Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover Another first for me. I think it`s so funny that it`s called milkshake and that you actually have to shake it before you use it until it becomes white. It`s for eyes and lips makeup but I used it to clean my whole face. Pros: -funny concept -smells great -lived my skin smooth and hydrated -didn`t give me any allergy -removed all of my makeup Cons: -it has a very fluid consistency so it`s easy to spill 3.Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask It`s supposed to be nutritive and cleansing. Pros: -it a great scrub and it cleaved my skin really clean -it has a sweet taste. But you shouldn`t eat`s not It actually leaves your face tasting sweet. After I washed it off I met my boyfriend and he actually noticed that ^^ -after I used it my skin looked radiant and fresh Cons: -because it`s a hot mask I was expecting it to be like a thermal mask but it isn`t actually. It does tend to get a lil warm when you massage it though. 4 Beauty friends masks These are sheet masks and it was my first time trying them. I tried the tomato one and my mom tried the Q10 one (she always steal my stuff ^^) Pros: -can be used hot or cold -very hydrating -softening -didn`t give me an allergy Cons -lived my skin kind of sticky 5. Lioele Dollish lipstick in no 3 Pros: -it smells like something delicious...I can`t really define it...something sweet like Turbo bubblegum mixed with cotton candy...yum (reminds me of my childhood) -very hydrating and with a mate finish to it. That`s actually something I`ve been really looking for and its rather hard to find -love the color. It`s a soft peachy-coral-nude. It looks great with my skin tone and I`ve been wearing it non-stop Cons: -none 6. A ton of BB cream samples. That made me realize that there is a whole universe of BB creams out there, ready to be found...LOL I can`t wait to try each and every one of them. Hopefully I will find what works better for my skin: D I got all of these goodies from They have a great variety of Asian makeup and from what I know they are one of the few Asian beauty stores in Europe. So, if you`re based in Europe, don`t miss the chance to try some really great products and check it out. You can thank me later:P Disclaimer: I was offered the products for review purposes, but the content is written by me based on my experience with the items. The pictures are mine, please dont use them.

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