First Sephora Haul of 2016

3 months ago

It`s been a while since I`ve been to Sephora and I`ve noticed that they have rearranged the whole set up of the store which I find is way better than it originally was set up in the past. But I was actually after some products I`ve been eyeing for a while rather than the store set up ... Hahaha

I picked up 2 items along with my birthday gift. This years birthday day gift is pretty darn good. It`s from Marc Jacobs and it includes a small lipstick in the color Kiss Kisses Bang Bang and a mini retractable black eyeliner. I`ve heard great things about the eyeliner and now I get to try it first without purchasing the full item. And I actually like this lipstick color compared to the makeup for ever one I got 2 years ago. And the packaging is so darn cute.

The first item I picked up is Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in the color Bow and Arrow. This retails for $20 and contains 0.23 oz worth of product. This color is very popular. It`s so popular that it`s usually always sold out. I was lucky this time to be able to snatch one. Actually there was none left on the shelf only a empty box. I think someone stole the last one and just left the box there...tsk tsk... So I asked the SA and she was able to help me find one in the back. There were actually 3 more left. I checked inside JcPenny too and they were also out. I was so happy there were some left for me. Right after I got mine another lady picked one up herself. And there was this other girl who wanted one but she was only able to find a empty box. But unfortunately she left the store by the time more was taken out. See what I mean by how popular this color is.
This color is described as a fawn nude and it`s supposed to be a nude color that would fit almost every skin tone. It is a matte finish and I find this liquid lipstick dries pretty fast and is not drying on my lips. But as always , you should moisturize and exfoliate your lips if it`s especially dry that day you plan on using it. Now this lipstick does show the texture in your lip but only if that person is up close in your face and constantly staring at your lips. When I press my lips together it doesn`t leave a sticky feeling. It has a more velvet texture. This color was supposedly discontinued for a while and re released and I`ve heard that the second release of this lipstick has changed the color a bit. One youtuber said that the color has gotten darker. I saw a swatch of the older version and I love that color too. I would love to be able to snatch a older version of this color. I think Kay Von D should release this liquid lipstick in the color it was in when it first was released and name in Bow and Arrow II. I bet that would be a hit.

The second item I picked up is a blush by Becca. This blush has been released for not a long period of time. It`s called Shimmering Skin Perfector Liminous Blush. They currently have 6 colors. This claims to give color while giving some slight luminousity. You can use it alone as a blush or can be topped over another blush for some added radiance. It doesn`t contain parabens or sulfates.
I chose the color Snapdragon which is described as a coral color. It is a warm coral color and on me it has a slight pinky hue. I do see some sheen on the blush and when swatched on my hand, I do see that it the shimmer particles. But when it is applied to my cheeks, the particles are not that apparent. It just gives a slight sheen that to me is barely noticeable. So this does not replace your highlighter. But if you want natural look with some glow, this would be perfect. The lasting power on this however needs some improvement. On me , this blush lasted for about 5 hrs or so before I noticed that I needed to reapply. I`m not sure if it was because I was really light handed during that day or it was just the lack of staying power. My Nars blushed lasted longer than this. But I will try this again by apply a bit more and see if it will last longer. Now the pigmentation on the other hand is great. It`s really pigmented so you must use a light hand and build up from there otherwise you`ll end up looking like a clown. This formula also blends like a dream. I didn`t even need to use that much effort when blending compared to some of my other blushes. This blush retails for $34 for a total of 0.21 oz.

I really do enjoy the products I have picked up so far in this haul. I really like the Bow and Arrow liquid lipstick. I plan on picking up some more colors from this line and maybe a backup of this color since it`s so hard finding this color in stock at stores and people have been on a liquid lipstick craze recently.

And I think the Becca blush is not a must have. There are other blushes out there that are cheaper with better or similar quality. But if you must pick some up, I suggest you try the colors Snapdragon, Tigerlily and maybe even Foxglove which is described as a orchid color.
I`m planning on picking up one more blush from this line and it`s Tigerlily. It`s described as a tangerine color and I don`t own any blush within this color range otherwise I would`ve skipped this one.

Have you or are you planning on picking any of these items up? What do you think is a must have?

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