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5 years ago

So yesterday I was at Winners just minding my own business and trying to find a earring holder but my luck ran out since I waited to long to buy it the other time i saw a load of them. It seems like everytime I am not looking for something, something great comes along. For example, this bag!

I was waiting for my boyfriend to come back from the washroom at a local mall when I almost passed this beautiful bag. I was texting him and standing right next to this, looked up and could not believe my eyes. It was a Ralph Lauren bag! At winners! I have been eyeing these at The Bay for a long time. I love how simple these are but there are fine details. All the bags I see from Ralph Lauren is very classy and timeless so they are great pieces to invest in. I honestly would have just put this bag back and walk away from it since it was more then $100 but regular price is about $300 and the selling price was only $180. Thats about $118 off! My boyfriend completely convinced me to get it since it was prefect condition. Winners is sometimes like a diamond in the rough. You just have to try your luck!

This bag is about 35 cm length X 15cm width and 20 cm height. Yes this bag is quite large for a regular handbag but I love some extra space! In the front is a small pocket with a gold buckle and the Ralph Lauren Logo. The whole bag was made of leather and really sturdy handles, just like my other leather bag from a brand called Why which you can only get in Hong Kong. The zipper goes completely all the way to the end of the bag which I really love since I have never seen anything like that! On the right hand side is a thin strap a gold thingy which I`m thinking is the foot hook thingy from horse saddles which also has the Ralph Lauren logo on it. The zippers are super sturdy and has the same Ralph Laurent logos as you can see in the picture.

Inside the bag has a Gold Ralph Laurent plaque wtih the logo again where the pocket is. The interior materal is a really sturdy thick cotton material I believe. Overall the bag is very well made and you can tell! I`m so excited to use this baby.

When I bought it, everything was in perfect condition. Sometimes when you get stuff from Winners, there is something wrong with it whether its a little bit dirty or a lost button but that never really bothers me. This bag was all wrapped with tissue paper and was stuffed with tons and tons of tissue papper inside too! With this bag also came with a dust bag/ book bag. Thats what I love about buying a little bit more expensive made bags, how its such good quality and the luxury touches they give you like a dust bag.

What do you think about this bag? Btw this bag`s style is newbury satchel. I`m not sure which collection or when it came out but I know it also comes in red and sliver (saw the sliver at the store but did not like the color).

*All pictures are mine*

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