First LUSH haul and initial review

4 years ago

Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you my first LUSH purchase!!! For those of you who don`t know about LUSH, they are a company that makes hand made beauty products which are 100% organic with more preservatives and any additives!
I got mine from their counter in Macy`s so if you don`t have a Lush store near you be sure to check out Macy`s.

I picked up 2 items and 2 samples. I got items that are good for those with oily skin!! They are:
Dark angels cleanser: ($14.50) This is my fave out product right now. It`s made with powdered charcoal, black sugar, avocado oil, sandalwood and rosewood oils, which after washing the face feels so soft, removes all grease but does not harshly strip the face of oils!! I feel like this has helped leave my face oil free most of the day!

Tea tree water: ($8.95) I feel like this should be a staple for everyone! This is a toner and I had cut out toners (well until I found pure witch hazel) but this is alcohol-free and contains tea tree which is great for oily skin (most toners and astringents contain alcohol which tends to be very rough on the skin). Before the gym, I clean my face with witch hazel, moisturize and spray this so my face can be gym ready and not clog my pores. I also use it after applying makeup to set it and during the day to hydrate!

Samples: Ok I wanted to get these 2 products but I didn`t want to test all products on my face at once:

Herbalism: This is supposed to be a holy-grail product for people with oily skin. But is a milder cleanser than the Dark angels cleanser. It is aimed at decongesting pores! I mainly use this when I want to try something different.

Vanishing cream: This contains witch hazel to banish blemishes and pore tightening, balancing lavender absolute and grape seed oil to soften. I love this because it is a very light weight moisturizer but still very moisturizing. And best of all it doesn`t get my face oily by the middle of the day!! I love it!

All in all my fave product is the dark angels cleanser! I want to buy a full size of the Vanishing cream (but it costs $39.50 idk about that), but the great thing about lush is they give great samples for products you want to try!

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