First Kate Spade Item And First Impressions!

2 years ago

Kate Spade is well known for their quirky purses and Idiom jewellery, which I adore. But I never really got the chance to buy anything since there aren`t many places to buy their items and in my opinion, the actual Kate Spade store here has a small selection to choose from. So the next best place to look would be online.

I decided to first look through the handbags but nothing really stood out to me. So I then decided to check out it they had any cool Idiom jewellery, and there was a few to choose from. If you dont know what these Idiom pieces are, basically they contain a cliché phrase such as: One In A Million and Stop And Smell The Roses, or fun phrases such as: Pop, Frizz, Clink!

I find that most jewellery made my Kate Spade is gold, which is not the metal colour I prefer, since I personally like silver coloured jewellery. But I do own a couple gold pieces to match outfits and what not. But anyways, the piece that really stood out to me, where I felt that I had to have it was the Find The Silver Lining necklace.

First Impressions:

-Look: This necklace is silver coloured due to the rhodium plating. The large circle is where the Idiom phrase is contained in all capital letters, and the back-side is blank. The length of the chain is 18. I like how the necklace is simple; however, I wish the necklace was offered in sterling silver. Since it would last longer than the rhodium plating. I like how they made this in a silver colour to possibly match the silver in the phrase.

-Phrase: The phrase I choose was Find The Silver Lining. Since this is an idiom, there is no official definition, but an unofficial definition is: To emphasize the hopeful side of a situation that that might seem gloomy on the surface or that even the worst events or situations has a positive aspect. I guess I bought this as more of a motivator for me.

-If youre interested in this but dont like necklaces, I think they also offer it as a bracelet.

Overall, Im quite happy with my first Kate Spade purchase. But I dont think I could wear this very often since the rhodium plating would rub off quite fast. If only they offered it in sterling silver

Do you own any Kate Spade pieces?

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