First Jewelmint Haul!

4 years ago

I`ve been seeing so many posts about Jewelmint but I kept telling myself that spending an extra $29.99 for jewelry every month is unnecessary. However, a few days ago, I got an promotional email from Jewelmint saying that they are doing BOGO deal for new customers on everything in stock. This deal sounds really great and there were some pieces that I was eyeing so I jumped at the chance.

Parisian Dream Necklace
Femme Fortune Necklace

I ordered on September 7th, and it took a week to arrive. I`m really happy with the processing and delivering time.

Although I ordered 2 necklaces, they only gave me 1 box. The other necklace was stuffed in a velvet pouch inside of the box. Also, the description card was blank. Getting only 1 box for 2 pieces of jewelry and a blank description card didn`t exactly leave me with a good first impression of the company.

The overall color of the beads on the <strong>Parisian Dream necklace</strong> appears less vibrant than on the website. I still like it the way it is, but I would`ve liked the colors to be bright and vibrant. It`s medium weight, and the quality seems pretty nice but not superb. Bottom line: would I pay $29.99 for it? No. But $15 is a great deal.

I was more impressed with the <strong>Femme Fortune</strong> necklace. Although it`s lightweight and very delicate, it is so versatile. It can be worn as one long strand, or doubled up using the special closure. Because it is so delicate, simple, and contains both gold and silver tones, I can stack other necklaces with it. I think that it is suitable for every occasion. It is just so so lovely and I`d totally buy it, even at full price!

The thing I like about Jewelmint is that they come out with new pieces every few days so there`s a relatively good range of selection. I don`t think every Jewelmint piece is worth $30, but there are definitely some unique ones that you just fall in love with. I also like to browse their sale section as they sometimes have pretty nice products from previous months for as low as $9. I just made a purchase of 4 rings, all from the sale section.

In summary, my piece of advice on shopping on Jewelmint? Wait for promo codes, browse the sale section, and watch the video of each piece that you are interested in so you get a sense of its size and length in real life.

If you want to check out what Jewelmint is, I`d really appreciate it if you click on my referral link.

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