First Hot Flow Yoga Experience

5 years ago

After me and my man watched "The Hunger Games" this afternoon we went and did our first Hot Flow Yoga class. I have done yoga before and I am familiar with some of the poses, but have never done it in a room heated between 38-40 degrees Celsius for an hour. After that we watched the movie we headed over to Yoga Life Studios which offers a variety of yoga classes both hot and room temperature. We settled on Hot Flow Yoga since it is famous for detoxifying and cardiovascular benefits. The heat facilitates a deep stretch and enhances your workout and allows your body to remove toxins through perspiration.

I am not into yoga that much since I don`t feel the burn like with weights, but it`s good stretching. The 38-40 degrees Celsius didn`t seem like a lot when we were laying down on our mats at the beginning, but as the class progressed I was sweating more than when I go running for 2+ hours and all over. Sweat was dripping all over the towel on my mat.

Things to do prior to going to a hot yoga class: Hydrate throughout the day before going, eat 2-3 hours before going, bring a bath towel or bath sheet to cover your yoga mat as you will be sweating all over, yoga mat, 2 water bottles, and may be a face cloth or hand towel to wipe off the sweat and bath towel if you plan on showering there.

It was enjoyable but for $17 a class I rather go get my eat on somewhere and do yoga at home. Who says I can`t crank the temperature unto 100 degrees F for an hour and do it at home lol.

Have you done Hot Yoga before?
What did you think of it?
If not would you consider doing it?

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