First Ever Homemade Curry Dish

10 months ago

The very first time I`ve ever had the taste of curry was when I visited Hong Kong. I had curry fish balls! Ugh... Just thinking about it makes me
Ever since then I would occasionally have a few curry fish ball here and there but none were as good as the ones found in Hong Kong. I`ve since then wanted to make my own curry dish , just I haven`t found a recipe to try.
Well I stumbled upon a video where they used curry from the Golden Curry brand. This brand comes from Japan. I heard that Japanese curry is really good. They said it was really good so I decided to try it.
This curry comes in a big and small pack. I got the big one which has about 8.4 oz of product and I paid $2.99.
They have three levels of spiciness. They have extra hot, medium hot and mild. I got the mild cause one of my son doesn`t like spicy food and I am currently not allowed spicy food yet. :(
But I hope I`m able to eat spicy food soon. I want to try the extra hot one!!!
But anyways, this was really easy to make. All you need is your meat of choice, mostly either lean pork or chicken, onion, veggies of your choice and water along with the curry packet.
I added red potatoes, chicken, carrot, onion and fish balls to mine. Oh it was really good. Kinda brings back memories of the fish balls back in Hong Kong. I`m definitely gonna make this dish again. But I think next time I`ll leave out the chicken and onion and just have it with fish balls, potatoes and carrots. Reason being, the kids went crazy for the fish

Has anyone tried this brand of curry and which spice level do you prefer???

curry fish balls

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