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5 years ago

Hi everyone! The end of March is approaching fast and I decided to stock up on a few goodies, since April is my "no buy" month. I actually planned for March to be a "no buy" month, but that plan failed miserably. :( I would also like to apologize for my absence since school has been kind of taking over my life. Final Exams are coming up next month, so I may be MIA again for a while. :`(

I decided to stop by my local Winners to see if they had any good deal going on, and they did! My favourite section there would be hands down the polish shelves. My polish habit is not stopping anytime soon. I was browsing around and saw these gorgeous colours by Essie. And knew I had to pick them up. These are actually my first Essie polishes. You maybe wondering: "Polish addict? And you don`t own a single Essie polish? Strange!" I completely agree, it is quite strange. I guess mainly because I always stuck to OPI polishes since I loved them so much. And had no desire to try any other brand. I know, silly me. Also because at some stores they cost more than OPI polishes! But that is stopping now! I am planning on giving Essie polishes a try. :)

Here is what I picked up (from Left to Right):

-775 Dive Bar ($5.99). This is a beautiful dark polish. This polish looks almost black, however this polish consist of teal, green, and purple metallic shimmer. These colours remind me of peacocks for some reason. Mainly because their feathers consist of these colours. I especially love how this is a near black polish, but what I love the most is the hidden shimmer within it! This would be a great colour for fall or winter.

-778 Jamaica Me Crazy ($5.99). Oh my goodness, this is such a bright magenta polish! When I first saw it, I was shocked at how pretty it was. This is also a shimmery metallic polish; purple shimmer? I actually love the name of this polish; it literally cracked me up when I read it. This is a great polish for summer since it`s so bright! Can`t wait to use it for the hot days to come!

-774 Trophy Wife ($5.99). This is by far my favourite colour from my haul. I may be a little biased since teal is my favourite colour...but anyways, this colour is gorgeous! To tell you the truth, I have way too many teal polishes, and it is kind of getting out of hand! This is once again a shimmer metallic polish. There seems to be a bit of silver shimmer in here. In my opinion, this is a great polish year round.

Bottle Design:

Can I just stop and talk about how cute these polish bottles are? I absolutely adore how tiny these are. At the top of the polish brush, there is an "e" engraved on it. Also on the side of the glass bottle, essie is also engraved on it. I love how classy the bottle looks.

I am very happy with my purchase since I got these for a great deal ($5.99 a bottle). Essie polishes usually cost $9-$11 a bottle! At some stores they sell them for more than OPI polishes ($12+ a bottle I believe)! I can`t wait to wear these polishes, and also buy some more!

Do you have these polishes? Which one is your favourite? Do you like Essie or OPI polishes?

*Pictures belong to me*

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