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5 years ago

Hello girls,
all women without exception suffer or have suffered from the famous orange peel skin .. is not it? It is a headache for us and it is always difficult to make it go away. Well girls, now you`ve been talking about a product that combined with exercise can help us in this problem.

Today I will talk about a product that has been my savior since some years, and I would not trade for anything., Garnier Firming lotion.

Product Name
Firming Lotion Garnier

Useful information
This product can be easily found in any supermarket or hypermarket. I bought mine on the continent, was a promotional pack for about 8 had two containers. Right now if you buy this product must be around 10.

This lotion comes in a typical plastic container with a dispenser with a lid. The packaging is not too large, making it practical. It has 250ml of product.

The defending Garnier
"This lotion is different because it moisturizes for 24 hours, effectively stretches and reaffirms the skin, even flaccid. Its citrus scent and texture milk, non-greasy gel skin tone immediately.
Very cool its moisturizing formula contains an extract of seaweed, which helps stimulate collagen production to strengthen the structure of the skin, it also contains phyto-caffeine, known for its properties "destockantes." Day after day, the skin of his body will remain steady. In seven days skin visibly firmer skin in 4 weeks and reaffirmed, as it lift. "

How to use
Use every day in the affected areas. Apply uniformly in the desired zone circular motion. Normally I use this cream before going to bed, for it to act overnight. And I advise you to always wash their hands after applying the cream, because they will not notice after a while, the skin of your hands twitch.

My opinion
I use this cream for about two years, and I do not want another surrendered, this is already my third pack and is almost over. I usually use this cream every day, but I am sincere in winter does not always put. But when the summer months approaching I re-apply every night.

This lotion has a reassuring consistency super light but at the same time is moisturizing. Almost like a gel, this lotion is quickly absorbed by our skin and leaves a wonderful smell to citrus in our body.
Although complicated here to show the effectiveness of this product, I can assure you that this product results. In 7 days you do not notice much difference as the brand promise, but at the end of one month can be seen some improvements in the skin. And if continued use is the effect tends to improve and extend. I started using this cream when I started losing weight and exercising for about two years, and has been my best friend ever since. It helps to tone and firm skin, but girls have to wear a lot because they use one day, then 3 are not using the product because it makes the effect.

In addition, I also see throughout this time I use this lotion it moisturizes the skin. That is, a step we are reaffirming and moisturize the skin. For me it has been a key product mainly in the summer that we all look beautiful and without orange peel skin.

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