Finulite - The End to Cellulite

5 years ago

Finulite The End to Cellulite AM/PM is a two step system that melts away cellulite and tones the area. Does it work? Honestly, I have never used such a product that promised results and actually works when used as recommended.

The AM formula is lasts throughout the day by detoxifying the area. The formula increases circulation, reduces fluid retention by using caffeine, removes toxins thus metabolizes adipose (fat) cells. The PM formula is for rejuvenation, and mainly helps boost collagen and elastin, improves blood circulation, and increases cells renewal rates.

So, I have been using it for two weeks, every morning and every night. I have honestly seen a dramatic change in the appearance of my cellulite. Ive always had fat deposits in my buttocks and thigh region. I mean, every woman has cellulite to some degree. And dont sit there and say you dont, because youll be lying. But, for the two weeks I have used this system I am seeing improvements. My thighs and buttocks are firmer, softer, slimmer, toner, and the collagen just melted away. The scents are a little different, but not overpowering or offensive. The lotion doesnt leave a greasy residue, and it soaks into the skin pretty well. The AM formula says to rub in soft, circular motions, while the PM formula calls for firm, long strokes. I can feel the product working, and my circulation in my legs have improved. This product is something I have been boasting about because it works so well, and Im not one to boast about a product that helps embarrassing flaws such as cellulite. Ive been telling everyone I can, though.

A side note, everyones cellulite levels are different. Yes, I had it, but it wasnt very severe. Im average/athletic build. This product worked for me and my moderate cellulite. Keep in mind that just because it worked on me, does not mean it could work on severe cellulite cases. But, you never know. It could very well work.

This product can be purchased online at Amazon, where I purchased it. It comes in a one month supply for $24.95 (plus Amazon`s shipping and handling), a three month supply, and a six month supply.

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