Finishing the year strong

4 years ago

Start date: May 21, 2012
SW: 155 lbs.

First weight-in: June 6, 2012
145 lbs. ( -10 lbs.)

Second weight-in: June 20, 2012
CW: 139 lbs. ( -6 lbs.)

I tried working out many times before but I could not find a way that works for me. In a month and 1 day, I lost a total of 16 pounds, sounds unhealthy? It might be but it is possible and I take 2 pills of Fat Burner Green tea pills before workout to boost my energy as well as help burn more calories. I consume between 1200-1700 calories a day so it is not that bad plus LOTS AND LOTS of water.

My workout routine:
-90 minutes of elliptical (6-7 days a week)
**this is all I do as far as workout goes because I want to work on cardio as much as possible, to lose all the excess fats stored in my body and what is covering up my muscles. In order to tone better and get toned faster is to lose layers of fats on top of them.**

My eating plan:
-Eat cup of vegetables and 2 cups of fruits EVERYDAY!
-64 oz. water during workout plus 4 glasses throughout the day.
-Portion control.
-Homemade meals
-Cheat day!!!!!

Tools I use:
-iPhone app "My fitness pal"
-Green tea fat burner pills ($10 Walmart)
-Elliptical machine

I used to think I will never lose the weight I gained in 5 years :| (yes, that`s 50 pounds of straight up nasty fats eeeek), but look, I am half way to losing half of that in just two months!!! FINISH THE YEAR STRONG!! The way I think about it, it takes a month to lose 10 pounds and you are still able to eat as you please with proper control on your portion. Just get up and do it!!!


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