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4 years ago

I have used up quite a number of products in the past couple months and, since I`m done with classes at the end of this week and will be leaving my apartment next week to go home, I figured it`s time to see how well I did at using up my products and throw out the bottles, lol! These are all the products I have used up since about Christmastime or so, or basically this past spring semester at school. My last post like this was on the products I used up during the fall semester (you can check the post out /viz/finished-products-5). I definitely used up quite a bit more this time, lol. Most of them are bath and body products because I have sooo many and have really been trying to cut down on the amount I have. I don`t really have any makeup products since it always takes me forevvveerrr to use up makeup - but I`m working on it! :) So, since last semester, I used up an EOS lipbalm (it was my third one!), three other chapsticks, a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer, three travel lotions from Bath and Body Works, two of their full-sized shower gels, a full-fized body spray, a Victoria`s Secret Beauty Rush body spray, a Dylans Candy Bar shower gel (it was coconut bon bon and was soooo good!), an Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeep conditioner, another bottle of conditioner and two shampoos, two Bath and Body Works hand soaps, nail polish remover, Listerine, deodorant, and two bottles of vitamins (which count because they keep you healthy and beautiful! lol). I`m working on using up some more products and I`m just about done with a few more, but they`ll be going in my next updated finished products post. I just always feel so proud of the products I use up! Definitely lets me know I`m getting my moneys worth out of them :)
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