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4 years ago

Greetings everyone!!!
I`ve been on a mission to use up a ton of products that i have that tend to pile up on me because i either 1) dont want to use it all up because i love it or 2) start getting more of the same things and have like 8 different things open at the same time... So this year im making it my mission to stick to one product at a time and use it up so i dont get such a huge pile of stuff on my desk! So ill start from the top left, ill let you know a little about the product, my thoughts & if i would repurchase!

1) Equate Enriched body wash- Supposed to be compareable to Olay Quench body wash, this for me was ehhh. I wasnt the biggest fan of it. The scent is a little weird, i wouldnt repurchase.

2) Avon Naturals body lotion- This ive had for a little while (it was gifted to me) and i do love this! The scent is in peach, now i hate anything peach, lotion, food, scent, candy but this for some reason i really liked! This left my skin sooo smooth. I would repurchase but in a different scent.

3) Suave professionals shampoo- this is for dry hair which i have and i love the suave professionals line. Its affordable and it works well with my hair. I am a big fan of the scent and it lasts a pretty long time. Repurchase for sure! (i have at least 3 times)

4) Avon moisture therapy lotion- This was also gifted to me some time ago. I love avon products, this was a love-hate product for me. When i put this on it leaves my skin super soft, but the smell is a tad bit weird & i cant put it on after i shave because it would burn horribly!! So i probably wouldnt repurchase, but i do love how it left my skin.

5) Suave cocoa butter lotion- This i got on sale at walmart for .75 cents so that`s amazing. The lotion is just a regular oll lotion, i love anything that smells like chocolate, cocoa or coconut so this is always a win for me. I would repurchase.

6) Avon Naturals shower gel- This is in plum & nectarine. I love this! It`s pretty cheap, the smell was nice, it didnt leave my skin tight or dry, i would repurchase.

7) Crest prohealth toothpaste for sensitive & enamel shield- I did talk a little about my teeth some time ago in a post and i decided to give this a shot. I do like this toothpaste, the taste is good, i do feel it helps with my teeth sensitivity but it doesnt bubble up as much as i would like and it has little beads that get annoying because they get all up in my toothbrush ridges & all over the sink. But for the benefits i would repurchase it. Im on the hunt for a really good enamel + sensitivity toothpaste or oral product and so far this is the thing to beat.

8) Aveeno cream cleanser- Umm, holy grail product please? I loveeeee this product! My sister bought it some time ago and her & i both used it and love it. We`ve repurchased it. The formula is great! It smells okay, it has little beads that help exfoliate the skin and its in a cream form so it doesnt lather up which is pretty cool for a cleanser because sometimes i hate not being able to open my eyes or lift my face from the sink when im washing my face. It has helped me with some of the breakouts ive had but its not like its transformed my face 100%. A really good product in my opinion & one worth trying.

9) Raspberry-passion fruit shower gel- This was a really random shower gel item i was given and was really weird. I just wanted to finish it tbh, the consistancy was strange, sort of like jello and it didnt do much for me. I dont know where this is from and even if i did i wouldnt repurchase it.

10) Blistex deep renewal lip protectant- This is one of my happiest finished products, im sure a lot of you can relate when i say its tough to finish any sort of lip balm, they always tend to either get lost, get icky, or you just have a bizillion of them so you never have the time or lip power to get through all of them. I was determined to finish this puppy! I know ive had it for at least 1-2 years. Its an okay product, has spf 15, smells and tastes sweet in a weird way. and it lasts for about 1-2 hours on me. Would i repurchase it? Probably not, its not because its a bad product but because there are other lip balms that i love and would choose over this.

12) Elf concealer- Just as exciting as finishing a lip balm is finishing any kind of makeup item. This was my first concealer that i purchased a few years ago. The shade is light beige and it fit my skin tone almost perfectly. I got so carried away by other products i`d been buying and trying that i forgot to finish this but i got around to it. I actually finished this several months ago. I do like it, its not bad but its not an amazingly awesome must have product for me. I would repurchase it because its relyable and it does have light-medium coverage and for a dollar? yes ma`am!

Well this concludes my finished products! I hope this has been a helpful & informative post for you all!!! Have a blessed weekend :)

-What are the products you always find yourself repurchasing?

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!

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