Finished: PHYTO Repairing Shampoo Weakened, Damage Hair

4 years ago

I finally finished also this shampoo from PHYTO after purchased the PhytoRhum and finished it as well.
Now I can say for sure, that I`m not to keen with this brand and that my third purchase of that line, makes me strongly confident that I can`t use this brand anymore. This news, I had to say didn`t find me too much disappointed because their products are so expensive that stay away from them isn`t too much of a pain!! Sorry but it`s true!
This bottle costs 12,50 euro for 300 ml which is an insane price for shampoo especially if this gives you dandruff...I`m so mad when that happens...

Anyway it`s smell really really nice, unlike the other "natural" products makes with plants ingredients that smell grows.

I bought it in october, and no, it didn`t lasts that long because you get great result from it, but just because I don`t find it good so I tried to avoid it...and use and finished other shampoo

Maybe for others works great and eventually using it can also repair the hairs but unfortunately for me it didn`t ...

I also truly dislike the metal bottle: first of all because if this bottle fall into your bath, it can also ruin it, and I don`t like also because I can`t see how much product I have till the end plus I can`t cut the package like I usually do at the end of any products.

It`s nice try things that we didn`t like after the first trial so we can probably find them good in another period, but re-spend that much money isn`t my like..

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