Finished: fresh sugar face polish

hey luuuxers,

i finally finished my tub of fresh sugar face polish. i literally had this for years!!

my sister got me this a long time ago because she had purchased way too many exfoliaters than what she could handle. i`ve been using it once every week or ever two weeks. i`m pretty lazy when it comes to exfoliating...

the packaging is really heavy!! it`s a ceramic jar. super heavy by itself and very fragile if you drop in on a bathroom floor. the product also adds a lot of weight. i know some people don`t like tubs for hygienic purposes, but i only used it after i washed my face and hands so it wasn`t a big deal for me.

the product itself is amazing. it has this delicious strawberry and lemon scent. i seriously wanted to eat this stuff. it smells that good. you can even see little seeds inside of the product.

i would apply a thin layer all over my face in circular motions then let it sit for 5 minutes. then i`ll just wash off the product. i try not to rub my face cause i don`t want to be too harsh with it. after washing away the product, i`m left with delicious smelling and GLOWING skin. my skin literally glows!!!! i`m not even joking, my skin looks amazing and dewy but not greasy at all. my face doesn`t even feel sticky from the sugar, it just feel hydrated.

i have pretty okay skin. i`m not super acne prone or super oily or dry so i can`t speak for those skin types. i`m just normal combo i guess. the product didn`t break me out or turn my face red. even using this when i had a pimple, it didn`t even irritate it. so I`m thinking it`ll work on most blemished skin

this product was purchased at sephora for 55 dollars which isn`t too bad once you realize how much product is actually in the jar...a lot. it also lasts you forever!!

overall, i love this product and recommend it!

<3 jane

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