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5 years ago

If you want to do one good thing for your hair...oil them. You can style, blow dry, hair spray them but in return of those abuse, just give them few minutes of massage with oil and you will see the difference. I am going to tell you about coconut oil that is the oldest secret for Indian women hair. Before I ever heard of all these fancy oils they are in market now, I only knew gooseberry and coconut oil. Coconut is comparatively cheaper and is absorbed by your scalp the best. Instead of staying on top of the scalp, it gets absorbed so it nourishes by going deep. I wish I still had the picture of my mother`s picture that I took...her hair was up to her knees (no joke). All she does is wash her hair (does not condition) and after her hair is dry, she oils them with coconut oil and keeps them in braids. Her hair is below her waist after cutting them. She has always used same oil brand (parachute, Indian company). I like to keep my hair open and style (although I don`t use hot tools or spray) so I oil them an hour or 2 prior before I shampoo. I am slow in observing my own body and I keep using different products so I can`t really judge what works for me the best yet. However, what made me write this post is after trying it on my husband. My husband`s hairline is residing (thanks genetics) so I rolled up my sleeve, warmed the oil and started massaging him for good 10 minutes. He washed his hair the next day and later when I touched his hair, I was surprised at how smooth and silky they were feeling. His hair before that was pretty dry so the difference was obvious.

Reasons to oil your hair is because:
1) the best way to take care and manage them after all the treatments, tools, chemicals we put them thru
2) it can prevent graying or prolong the "dooms day"
3) you can give yourself a mini massage after you oil, in fact you should because the massaging stimulates blood circulation
4) it is cheaper than hair mask or hair treatment and can be done in less than 15 minutes
5) It helps you with stress and headaches.

It is my go-to regimen when I start to feel my hair is starting to loose its shine and became dry.
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