FINGER Wrestling Championships?!

I`m sure we have all heard of the popular
thumb wrestling and I posted about{transaction_id}&aff_id={affiliate_id} but there`s also
finger wrestling! Finger wresting is a popular sport in Bavaria, Germany-- the German men take this sport very seriously as there are championships too! Crazy right? Some ways these men train to prepare for this sport are by: squeezing tennis balls, single finger press ups, try to lift their entire body weight with just one finger and so forth!
What will you need to play this sport? Two contestants (in this case they`re usually men) Wooden table A rope like strap so both contestants can put their finger in and pull
How to play this sport? Two men sit opposite of each other at a wooden table Each contestant puts one finger in the loop of the rope Once the referee signals them both to pull whoever pulls the other persons finger across the table wins!
Tip: Many chose to play with their middle finger because it`s supposedly the strongest finger also longer too.
Would you like to wrestle your middle finger? Do you think your middle finger is strong? It`s a little cheating as they can use the table as a grip but I don`t think I`d like to participate in this sport. More information:, sports

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