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4 years ago

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Hi everyone!
I`m here to talk you about "Find my Friends", an application for Iphone. This app was released with iOS 5, but the release of iOS 6 promised some updates to a in-development app.
It allows people to know where their friends are in real-time, but this knowledge has to be earned! Permission has to be granted to every person who wants to know where you are, and this permission isn`t reciprocate, meaning that if a person A wants to see person B, and B says "yes", A can see where B is but the reverse isn`t possible!

It`s possible to schedule events or even make receive a note when a friend leaves/arrives at a certain place!
This application is a straight privacy violator, but since it requires user permission, it`s good.

Would you let anyone have permission to see where you are at every hour?

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