Finally! My Wii Remotes can Charge while looking sleek in Black!

5 years ago

The Poor Old Wii Charger has had to say good bye when only one out of the four remote docks actually worked and could charge out for remotes!

The wii is very popular with kids when they come over; so we don`t have time to keep rotating four remotes in one charger socket.

So my dad went out to our Kmart and picked up this New good Looking Fella!

<strong> It is a black six pocket charger! Two more than we need, so if two stop working we have back-ups! It also has a compartment in the middle where you can store the wii itself!</strong>

It saves a lot of space; it would look better if we maybe had black remotes and a black wii; but it still works and that was the main thing! Plus it wasn`t expensive!

Now our wii remotes will be happily charged from now on!

(Our old charger though did last like 3-4years; so this might last us more!)

<strong> Do you own a Wii? </strong>

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