Finally Got it Sugar Lip Balm

4 years ago

Everyone seems to rave about how much they love their free Sephora birthday gift. I was so excited to be able to pick one up myself. Its my dads birthday not mine :P, but since mine is in January I wouldnt be able to get this years gift so I went for my dads birthday instead. These tend to cost around 20 dollars or so for 1 lip balm but the packaging from what I can see is extremely beautiful packaging wise it doesnt look cheap *it shouldnt be if it cost 20 dollars*. This is a small review from what Ive been able to try so far. First impressions is that its extremely tiny smaller than what I expected it to be :P. How small? Its slightly smaller than the size of my pinky. Also these smell extremely nice and the red one is actually clear while the pink is the one with color. These have a great scent to them that is not overwhelming but you can still smell it on your lips. These are incredibly soft as well since with too much pressure this can easily break on you. These are moisturizing without all that tingly feeling on your lips, but it still gives off moisture. Do I like it? Yes, definitely so but I dont know if I would purchase the full product of it. Overall, Im really happy to get one since its a great product.

<Strong> Did you get this Sephora birthday gift? Do you like it? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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