Finally get that beach bod! [part 2]

Yay! Lovely,this is part 2 on how to get the ultimate beach bod!

Week 3
Your task: to tone and sculpt
How: through strength training
Your goal for this week: three 20 minute interval training sessions followed by 20 minutes of strength work. Finish off with 15 minutes of deep stretching.

So far, youve been burning fat and getting rid of cellulite, but if you want your body to have that super-sculpted look, you need to do some strength training. Aside from making you look more toned, strength work also speeds up weight loss. This is because muscles require more energy than fat to function.

While fat is simply stored energy in your body and doesnt require fuel to maintain itself, muscles are active so they need to be fueled in order to function. Even when they are not being used, muscles require fuel to recover from exertion. Consequently, the more muscle you have, the more fuel they need and the more calories you use, or burn.

It is important to do strength training or resistance exercises for your whole body. Start with your larger muscles and then do more specific exercises to target the smaller muscles as well. For instance, to tone the area around your buttocks and thighs, start with exercises such as squats and lunges that use all those muscles together. Then move on to exercises such as leg curls and leg raises that isolate smaller muscles.

Week 4
Your task: to combine the previous routines into a weekly plan
How: through cross-training
Your goal for this week: Four to five workouts.

Cross-training refers to a programme that involves combining strength work, aerobic work, stretching and relaxation. Youll be using different muscles each day, which means youll be able to work out at an intense level without overstraining your body. It also means youll see quick results.

From this point on, you need to take all the exercises you have done for the past three weeks and alternate them so you do different workouts every day. Heres a sample weekly plan:

Monday: do your strength training and deep stretch workout
Tuesday: do your interval training and stretch workout
Wednesday: take a day off
Thursday: go back to your strength training and deep stretch workout
Friday: do your interval training workout

By the end of the four weeks, you will notice a change in the way you look as well as the way you feel.

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