Finally Finished My Beauty Rush Body Spray!

5 years ago

I`ve had this double-mist Beauty Rush body spray from Victoria`s Secret for years now. I`ve been trying desperately to get rid of it because I haven`t been that big of a fan of it... I`ve been using it as a room spray just to use it up. I`m not quite sure what possessed me to buy it in the first place, but I`m glad it`s gone, lol.

Ever bought a product because you liked the way it smelled but then got really sick of it? That`s what happened to me. This was the grapefruit blast double body mist and I guess I liked the scent to begin with, but after awhile it just sickened me. I kept it under my sink for quite awhile and then decided that I should try using it up instead of wasting it. I do have the grapefruit blast Beauty Rush lotion, though, and I like that a lot more.

One thing that really turned me off from this mist was the fact that you could see the oil floating in it. The mist is marketed as a "double mist" and you can see the two layers because the color separates. But when you think about it, it`s pretty much just oil floating on the top - why would I want to spray something like that on myself? :/ So I`ve stayed away from buying anymore of these body mists since this one. The consistency just doesn`t seem good.

I`m very glad I used all of this spray up. The grapefruit scent might not have been that great to me after awhile, but at least I used it as a room spray in my bathroom just to get rid of it. It took me years to use this up (even though I would spray it multiple times a day!) so I guess if you do happen to like these sprays, I suppose that`s a good thing. I`m just happy to be rid of it, lol.

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